GERT JAN (GJ) was born near Amsterdam, was raised there and in New Jersey, and spent much time in Germany and southern France. He therefore speaks English and Dutch as his ‘mother-tongue’ and German & French as a native.

He has a BA in English, Dutch and DRAMA, studied at the Amsterdam Actor Studio in the Netherlands and The Michael Chekhov Studio in New York.

He has trained with Warren Robertson, Ted Pugh and Nancy Gould and has worked with ‘SHUSAKU Dormu Dance Theatre’ and ‘FUN Theatre Amsterdam’.

Gert Jan has had the privilege to appear as Mr. STEIN (the music teacher) in FAME ! THE MUSICAL and since the turn of the century worked with ‘INSPIRATION COMPANY’ as a presenter, director and corporate actor.

He has 30 FILM TITLES to his name, has appeared in more than 40 TV SHOWS as well as several shorts, dramatized documentaries, corporate videos & ads.

Gert Jan has recently been nominated as Best Dutch Film Actor by New Vision Film Festival for his contribution  to “The Overcoat” (2019).

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